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We act as an employer to you while you undertake a fixed term contract assignment, usually through a recruitment employment agency. This provides you a convenient way to contract because of the presence of an all-encompassing contract that provides continuous employment to you. It’s a good option if you’re really just in between permanent jobs. It involves a simpler process with no or little paperwork. At Reliasys, we enable you to get paid for your contracting work on a PAYE basis. All the administration hassle is borne by us.

This will depend on your daily/hourly rate and the day worked in a year. Typically, contractors under our solution earn 15-20% less than their limited company counterparts as you are treated as our employees and we process PAYE on all the payments made to you.

This solution may not be highly tax efficient, but it does offer a “hassle free” way to contract. So contractors who are still testing the water or are into short-term contracts, working on a short term basis for multiple agencies or do not earn sufficient amounts to make setting up a limited company worthwhile, will find it useful.

The on-boarding process at Reliasys is simple and can be done over phone call. We will require the following information, preferably via email or post:

  • A completed Personal Details form

  • A copy of a valid work visa/permit (if applicable)

  • A copy of the photo pages of your passport or your photo driver’s licence

  • A copy of your utility bill for address proof

  • A P45 from your last employer or a P46

  • 2 References, 1 professional and 1 personal

  • A copy of your CV

Once we receive these details, we will contact your agency or client and request the issue of your contract to Reliasys Limited, post which we will send a copy of the contract to you for review before we sign it on your behalf. You will then receive a Contract of Employment with us, which you will need to sign and return. The process may take up to 2-3 days depending on how quickly you turn around.

No. Under our Umbrella Solution, you only pay our margin when we process your payslip. There are no extra charges for setup or exit.

No. The contract will be between Reliasys Limited and your recruitment agency. The contract should only be signed by a Director of Reliasys Limited.

Your client authorised timesheet should be sent to These should be sent to us in line with the submission cycle as discussed with your agency. Depending on the agency, this could be weekly, four weekly, by calendar month or by a specified date on each month.

Under the new regulations, the only expense you can claim is mileage provided you are working multi-site or expenses reimbursed by your agency in addition to your normal pay. You are required to complete an expense claim form along with receipts and the claim should pass HMRC test of wholly, exclusively and necessarily. This is discussed in detail when you speak with a member of our HR team.

The Business expense policy will be explained by the HR team. You will need to submit an expense claim form along with any receipts for expenses (where relevant) before the payroll is run.

Yes, you have the flexibility to work on multiple contracts simultaneously at no additional cost.

As a PAYE employee you may not be required to complete a Self-Assessment tax return. But if you have any other income from pensions, property, investments etc. then you may have to submit a return. Where a tax return is required we can refer you to an accountant.

If you have already secured a new assignment with a new client with the same or different recruitment agency, please contact us immediately so that we can arrange for the contract to be completed.
If you do not have any further work in place, please contact a member of our HR team to advise you on the next steps.

We provide any references on request and provide this as part of our service at no extra cost.

No. All contractors using umbrella solution are deemed to be working within IR35 and hence, the IR35 rules don’t apply to us. You will be paid via PAYE only.

Please get in touch with a business expert on 020 3500 2615 .

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