Is your Umbrella paying the right tax?

Umbrella companies are a hassle free way of receiving payments and its quite the talk of the town these days because of the off-payroll rules in the public sector (soon to be rolled out in the private sector, April-2020); that puts most workers under IR35, restricting them to operate as a limited company.

Brexit - The End or a New Beginning for the EU

Brexit is a new word added to the dictionary which states the possible exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union or Euro zone. Brexit is a combination of two words, i.e., Britain and Exit making it a new meaningful word, “Brexit.”

Why Choose Umbrella Company Over Limited Company?

Another essential matter that often draws the attention of a limited company is to shift to an umbrella company. It is a crucial decision, and there are so many reasons to make the shift happen and that are supported by cogent reasons.

How Income Tax and National Insurance works in the United Kingdom

Income tax and the myths surrounded it need to be burst for the betterment of the taxpayers. Income tax is charged on most of the incomes like wages and salary from jobs, profits from the business, rents received if you are landlord, pensions, interests, and dividends received from savings and investments. As a usual rule, the total taxable income does not become apt for Income Tax.

Intermediaries Legislation (IR 35)

IR35 is an abbreviation used for Intermediaries Legislation since April 2000. The Intermediaries Legislation abbreviated as IR35 and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have used this abbreviation to identify a contractor as a real contractor or is a “disguised” employee to avoid the tax payment.

Complete Guide About Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Have you ever given a thought to a lingering question which is very much there at the back of your mind, the self-asserting question, effacing itself and yet remains hidden and buried? The question which rises just like those clouds you see in the sky of the British Isles, it hovers and hovers, and then the clouds empty the baggage of rain as an outlet in the form of a downpour.